1. Production Timeline

Baal is a design-oriented company, distancing itself from Off The Shelf products and designs.

By taking customization and quality into consideration, Baal’s average production rate is about 50 days for an average list of 10 leather items. This timeline is always prone to fluctuations due to different raw materials within the designs, and the feedback process with the client during the sampling stages.

2. Samples

It is within our company policy to provide the client with samples to finalize the order prior to production. However, producing samples varies according to the quantity and complexity of the order.

3. Shipment

Baal works with several agents and forwarders, helping it expand its oversea deliveries to practically any destination. One of our latest challenges was managing to send our products to Cuba. The Baal General Trading L.L.C. distribution warehouse located in Dubai largely facilitates Baal’s trading within the region.

4. Environment

Baal never compromises quality, but is always aware of new production methods that are friendlier to our environment. From recycling cardboard programs, to using biodegradable plastic bags, our hunt for new and advanced green methods never stops.

5. Minimum Order Quantity

Baal regularly adopts an MOQ policy with clients, but the agreement may differ according to the items within the order list. The agreement can be easily settled between the client and the sales team personnel.