1. Are BAAL Artisans’ products ready in stock?

BAAL Artisans only has a drawing board and a pencil in stock, as for the rest of our products, they are unique and customized to fit each client’s requirements. We have been pioneers in the “Bespoke” and “Custom Design” initiatives in the industry of hotel supplies soft furnishings and in the OS&E sector.

2. Are samples provided during the buying process?

No customization is complete without samples. Just like any customized furniture, our items need to fit in design, specs, color, finishing, and dimension inside the area of operation, thus samples and tryouts are an absolute necessity.

3. Do you ship internationally?

BAAL Artisans’ unique sustainable shipping and packaging procedures ensure that all goods are to be shipped in the highest standards of safety to all destinations, except for the areas that are sanctioned.

4. What is your company’s production timeline?

Because of the uniqueness of every project at our company, we refrain from giving random dates bound to the mathematical formula, nevertheless, we respect the cut-off date as long as they are logical, fair, and controllable.

5. Why BAAL Artisans?

BAAL Artisans’ main denominators to any project are identity, quality, and craftsmanship. We are problem-solving experts and can succeed in finding solutions to the most complicated area distribution hurdles while respecting the client’s design identity.

Our products are made meticulously with high attention to all surroundings, we, therefore, choose different suitable materials and finishing for each item. For example, we find specific materials for items placed in bathrooms that do not lose quality when in humid environments or when in contact with water; which is why we always conduct an area analysis.

Our team of high experts is working relentlessly to ensure that our client’s demands and requirements are met with great professionalism and accuracy.

6. Minimum Order Quantity

Baal regularly adopts an MOQ policy with clients, but the agreement may differ according to the items within the order list. The agreement can be easily settled between the client and the sales team personnel.