Working with a Green Agenda

Our goal at Baal, mentions the Managing Director Khajag Krikorian, “was never to ‘just’ have quality oriented products. Anyone can eventually have that. There is so much more to Baal than the items we produce; we want to set an example for others within the industry.”

One of the leading companies in the hospitality sector, Baal holds responsibilities not only towards its clients but also towards itself. Research is inevitable within the daily tasks; from trends research conducted by the design team, to production research by the production supervisors, there is always room for progress and upgrade.

Throughout the years, Baal has upgraded its production methods, assembly chains, raw material consumptions, and waste management to better meet international standards.

Cardboard Recycling Program

Baal’s cardboards never go to waste. With the help of local recycling companies, we have scheduled routine pickups for all cardboard leftovers from the production premises. The pieces are either sent to recycling, or reused for other items.

Water-based Glue

We are truly proud to announce that since 2015, all our glues are non-toxic, non-flammable, and water-based. The odorless glue solid subtracts are imported from the Italian main lands, the glue we use is just as effective as the other commercial and often highly toxic types of glue found in the local market.