Water Based Chemicals

In 2020, Baal will celebrate 5 years of toxic free, non-flammable, water based, cool based, odorless glue used in all its items. The solid glue subtracts are imported from the Italian main lands and are just as effective as the conventional industrial glue.

The health benefits of the new glue directly improved the internal atmosphere of the production premises. By shifting to water based chemicals, the premises is free of Turpentine, automatically releifing the area of toxic odors.

By reducing the heat emissions in order to melt the glue, Baal has sufficiently decreased electrical energy needed for production.  

Recycle / Reuse

Production systems at Baal constantly shift and upgrade to increase quality, and more importantly, to minimize waste.

A Recycle/Reuse policy regulates the cardboard waste once production has ended. Priority goes to the larger peices of leftover cardboards, which are cut and molded for either different items, or installations. 

For the small peices that are left with no use, scheduled routine pickups are weekly set for the remaining cardboard pieces to be collected with the help of local recycling companies.

Friendly Plastic

Baal’s packages love the planet, and serve it right. The plastic bags with their iconic designs play a vital role in the production process.

When d2w® is included at the manufacturing stage of production, it converts everyday plastic products (made from PE, PP or PS) into materials which are biodegradable in the open environment.

Faster and more discreet than a leaf, our plastic bags decompose leaving no trace of plastic behind.