Unveiling BAAL’s Exclusive Designs for Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace

28 October 2023

Hospitality is an industry defined by nuances in the act of welcoming, hosting, and serving guests. It’s an industry focused on customer satisfaction and experiences, with the aim of making individuals feel cared for, comfortable, and valued. Every detail matters, especially when catering to a clientele that demands nothing short of excellence.

This philosophy is embodied in BAAL, a design atelier that crafts operational supplies for five-star hotels around the world. With a focus on thoughtful design and quality, this commitment is vividly showcased in our exclusive collection for the Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace.

Let’s dive into this distinctive project that is quintessentially BAAL.

Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace, arguably one of Emirates’ most famous hotels, is known for its lush furnishings and modern amenities. Collaborating with them has been a masterclass in luxury hospitality.

Upon the hotel’s inquiry, we designed and crafted a collection of 4 items; a Vertical Notepad Holder, an Amenities Box, a Magazine Rack, and a Ring Dish. All inspired by the hotel itself, where the décor blends earthy tones with the finest material one could find.


The Vertical Notepad Holder – Where Elegance Meets Functionality


As with all creations of BAAL, we weave culture and heritage into our designs to adapt it to the hotel’s location and identity.

The first item in our collection for Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace is our Vertical Notepad Holder.

Unlike the usual horizontal iterations, BAAL has innovatively chosen a vertical orientation, minimizing the space the notepad holder takes without compromising its utility.

The exterior presents a compelling pattern that serves as a nod to the rich cultural tapestry of the Emirates.

It is equipped with a dedicated pen insert and added compartments are purposefully designed, marrying the need for accessibility with clutter-free design.

BAAL’s vertically-designed Notepad Holder offers the hotel an elegant, space-efficient, and culturally inspired accessory.


The Amenities Box – Where Craftsmanship Meets Digital-Inspired Design

handmade wooden amenities box with pixelated design  handmade wooden amenities box with pixelated design


The Khaleej Suites at the Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace deserved an eye-catching piece, and BAAL delivered just that with our second offering: the Amenities Box.

Drawing inspiration from the digital age, the mosaics on the box have a unique pixelated design. But these aren’t churned out by machines. Each mosaic piece is handmade and assembled by our artisans, ensuring a pattern that flows freely, devoid of the rigidity expected from a pixelated design.

Architecturally, the amenities box embodies a sense of grandeur and stability. Its form transitions gracefully from a wide bottom to a narrow top. Made from walnut wood, its presence instantly uplifts the suites with an air of sophistication.

Utility sits at the heart of this creation. Its heavy-duty railings ensure the drawers slide smoothly, emphasizing both durability and ease of use.

Three distinct compartments cater to diverse storage needs, increasing its practical usage.

And, in an ode to meticulous detailing, the box is thoughtfully elevated on feet to serve a key purpose: preventing water stains from compromising its base.

The feet ensure a pristine appearance, guarantee durability, and aid in underlining the utmost importance of cleanliness in luxury accommodations.


The Magazine Rack – Where Luxury Meets Sustainability



BAAL’s third creation for the Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace is the Magazine Rack.

A sculptural element that adds an avant-garde touch to the hotel’s guestrooms.

Its design thrives on strong angular geometries, presenting a striking modern facade. This geometry is further accentuated and contrasted by the intricate stitching, offering a subtle interplay between the angular and the linear.

One of the rack’s standout features is its handle, which wraps around and hugs the body of the rack. The diagonal orientation of the handle juxtaposes brilliantly against the sharp verticals of the item, lending a dynamic visual appeal.

With two compartments united into one cohesive design, this rack offers extra storage in a way that doesn’t compromise on style.

The magazine rack’s interior is made of ballistic material, known for its durability.

At BAAL, sustainability remains at the forefront of our crafting process. The glue employed in this magazine rack is water-based, underscoring our dedication to eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality nor aesthetics.


The Ring Dish – Where Hospitality Meets Intimate Charm



Venturing into the Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace, one finds many designs that elicit admiration, but it’s often the small details that capture the heart. Enter our final piece of the collection for the hotel: the Ring Dish.

Designed primarily for jewelry, its compact size is deceiving, for it holds immense value both in function and aesthetics. Its microfiber interior ensures that jewelry finds a gentle resting place, free from the concerns of micro scratches.

The exterior is crafted from walnut wood and the microfiber has a petroleum hue. This color choice isn’t arbitrary; it contrasts beautifully with the dish’s brass, reflecting a color palette inspired directly by the hotel and guestrooms’ identity.

The versatility of this ring dish means it can easily be adapted to suit various rooms and spaces, making it not just a design element, but a practical and profitable asset for the hotel.

Its softer and intimate circular shape sets it apart. It is a welcoming contrast to the sharper designs of the other items.

With this ring dish, we wanted to transform a simple, everyday object into a symbol of warmth and homecoming, which is an added touch of luxury hospitality for the hotel’s guests.


The journey of creating the collection has been one of exploration, innovation, and fulfillment.

We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace. Our partnership truly encapsulated the promise of delivering an unparalleled stay for the hotel’s guests. We are honored to have played a role in bringing the hotel’s vision to life.

As we continue to push the boundaries of design in the luxury hospitality sector, we look forward to creating pieces that transcend their physical form in order to become part of each hotel’s story.