BAAL: Leading Sustainable Craftsmanship in Middle East

20 June 2024

We are excited to share how BAAL, a legacy business, is pioneering sustainable practices in luxury hospitality. Recently, our dedication to ethical and environmental standards has been recognized with the prestigious EcoVadis certification, a testament to our commitment as leaders in sustainability. Founded over thirty years ago, BAAL has always focused on blending innovative craftsmanship techniques with sustainable practices. This fusion not only honours our heritage but also aligns with modern ecological priorities, making our collections both timeless and environmentally conscious.

Integrating Tradition with Innovative Eco-Friendly Solutions

Over the years, we have harmonized traditional craftsmanship with innovative sustainable practices, ensuring each piece is not only timeless but also environmentally conscious. Our craftsmanship emphasizes precision and durability, utilizing adhesive techniques that are both eco-friendly and ensure longevity. When it comes to packaging, we opt for materials that are recyclable or biocompostable, and our packing processes are designed to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint. This holistic approach allows us to create beautiful, lasting products while honoring our responsibility to the planet.

Global Reach and Local Foundation

Alongside sustainable designs, we have made a goal to create bespoke solutions that enhance interiors globally, extending beyond local markets. Participating in international design fairs allows us to showcase Middle Eastern craftsmanship to a worldwide audience, highlighting the demand for sustainable and ethically produced goods. We see this as a great opportunity not only to establish our global presence, but also to share our unique sustainable solutions when it comes to luxury bespoke designs.

Educating and Inspiring Sustainable Practices

Beyond product creation, we have taken on the responsibility to spread the knowledge about sustainable living and craftsmanship. Through workshops, seminars, and community programs, we strive to inspire adoption of eco-friendly practices among both current and future generations.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite professionals and organizations passionate about sustainability to connect with us. Let’s collaborate to make meaningful changes in the design world. Interested parties can reach out through our LinkedIn page or visit our website to learn more about our efforts and discuss potential partnerships.

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