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Now, the central design principle of the workplace is no longer purely utilitarian, rather it has developed an occupant-centric methodology that highlights both brand identity and a compelling customer journey.

Indeed, the current dynamics of the work-life continuum, coupled with the immutable characteristics of human nature, have driven a convergence of design influences from the hospitality and retail sectors, inspiring daring designs and craftsmanship symphonies.

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Public Area & Front Desk
Outlets & Restaurants
Banqueting & Meeting Rooms
Banqueting & Meeting Rooms

Our Collections aim to translate the identity of the space they are put in through quality and craftsmanship. The complexity of the surrounding is visualized in BAAL’s products through the mastery in combining different materials.

Most of the items produced have a minimum average of 3 different raw materials within the final outcome.

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We strongly encourage collaboration, and love working with other designers. Every new concept is fuel for our work force, and a challenge for our expertise.

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